Whether Your T-shirts are Fit or Not?

It is said that the most decent impression of men is wearing T-shirts and blue jeans and men would regard T-shirt matching as the easiest game. However, it doesn’t represent that we can treat mens dress shirts casually. Even the commonest T-shirts, there still have more details for you to consider. Can you show masculine charm and muscles by these T-shirts? We still have more to study.

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mens dress shirts mens dress shirts

Shirts that you wear should be totally fit to your figure. Shirts with over-large size nor over-small will not be the fittest. Generally speaking, I suggest that the lengths of T-shirts should not cover your whole hip since it is easy to show the short leg impression. As for the lengths of sleeves, I deem that shorter than the half lengths of arm will be correct. At last, you should pay attention to the comfort degree of wearing, and you should avoid over tight wearing.

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As for the patterns of shirts, which one will you choose? The V-neck one or the round collar one? Both of them are the classic wearing for men and they can satisfy the majority of men in general. V-neck shirts can make your neck look even longer and it has a magic function that can lengthen your height and make you look even slimmer. More than that, they can modify your figure curves perfectly and show your sexy glam. If you don’t have a strong chest and wide enough shoulder, I deem that shirts with round collar will be more suitable for you to wear. It can make you look not too thin and weak. In the same time, it can balance your neck and face.

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As for colors, except for these basic colors, such as white, gray, black, blue, bright multi-colors will be your best choice. They don’t have too many strict rules actually. If you have a piece of basic t-shirt, you can have various kinds of other choices. They will surely bring a more wonderful and much funnier summer for you!

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