Where to buy a watch link removal kit


Getting a wristwatch that perfectly fits your wrist can most times be a daunting task, as most bands are only available in a few standard sizes. But not to worry, by removing some links you will have the perfect watch band size.

watch link removal kit


How to remove watch links with removal tool

Before you start making use of the watch link removal kit , measure how many links you will need to remove to resize the band for your wrist. Plan to remove an equal or close to equal number of links from each side of the clasp so that the claps remains in the center of the strap.

STEP 1: Check for indicator arrows
Check the back of the strap for arrows which indicate the direction in which the pins will push out. You will want to push the pins through in the direction that the arrows are pointing.

STEP 2 – Position the strap
Lay the watch band across the link removal tool (underside up so the arrows are visible). Make sure that the arrows are pointing away from the pin pusher.

STEP 3 – Remove the pin
Line up the pin pusher with the pin hole of the link you want to take out. Once in place, rotate the handle clockwise to bring the pusher towards and into the pin hole. Once in place keep rotating the handle until the pin pushes out.

STEP 4 – Reconnect the Band
Once the desired number of links have been removed, you will need to reconnect the band. To do this, hold the links together and replace the pin with your fingers. Finally, use the link removal tool to push the pin securely back into place.

Where to buy a watch link removal kit
Banggood is the perfect online market place where you can make all watch related purchases including a watch link removal kit. They sell at affordable rates and their products are of top quality.

There you go, a watch strap adjusted without leaving the comfort of your home, and you’ll have the tools to do it again in the future.


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