Where can we buy leather working tools

There is a benefit of choosing leather-craft as a hobby, which is that it can grow with you. What I mean by this is that though the world of leather work is somewhat complex, with intricate projects, abundance of choices and specialized skills, it can be simple as you begin. The first projects can be straightforward, thereby requiring only a few basic skills. Likewise, there is absolutely no need for you to invest massively in leather working tools. Basically, these are tools that are used to craft from leather. There are a lot of them out there, and all comes in different price ranges. But if you are a beginner, you only need a few to start, like the following;

Where to buy leather working tools

Needle and thread – this is the most basic tool that is needed in leather-craft, which is used to stitch leather. Obviously, the thread and needle being used for an embroidery project or a standard sewing craft will definitely not do the job on leather. For these reason, you will need to get a heavyweight needle that is durable enough to stitch through leather.

needle and thread

Sharp knife and a cutting board – with all the cutting you will have to do, you definitely need sharp utensil and a cutting board. Please note that a pair of scissor will not finish the task.

sharp knife and a cutting board

Stitching pony or clam – these tools are used to keep the leather project tools in place. There are not that essential, yes, but they can make your work easier.

Stitching pony or clam

Groover, spacer and beveler – while also not that necessary, these tools can do a lot in ensuring that your leatherwork appears more professional. Groovers makes a groove in the leather which is along a straight line, where stiches are placed. Spacers ensures that the distance between individual stiches is even. And a beveler rounds off the uneven edges of any piece of leather. Together, these tools gives your project a more finished look.

Groover, spacer and beveler

Where to buy

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