What you need to know about Men’s Platform Shoes

Men’s platform shoes were once a big hit during the peak of the disco era. The shoes were very popular among the famous rock bands back in the days. To be honest, the shoes were very glamorous and showy, which is why it was popular back then. Even though these shoes’ popularity peaked in the 70s and 80s, their origin can be traced back several centuries. However, as years passed, the popularity of men’s Platform shoes waned with the end of the disco era. There were beliefs that really stigmatized these shoes making them lose their popularity and most men moved away from them.

Men’s Platform Shoes


These shoes were available in kinds of flashy and showy colors. The shoes were glittery and at times, they came with a patchwork fabric. White and silver became the most favorite colors among men. The majority of the shoes were made in genuine leather and fabrics, which in appearance, they looked like leather. The buckles and laces on the shoes were a preferred choice back in the days.


The main function of the platform shoes was dancing. There are those men who bought them hoping that they would acquire a super cool and glamorous appearance. Others wore the shoes just to add a few inches in their height. Generally, men’s platform shoes became the go-to shoes if wanted to make a style statement. The shoes’ height became a parameter of an individual’s style quotient – where the taller the man, the cooler the person.

Back in fashion

As we mentioned earlier, the platform shoes disappeared after the end of the disco era, where their popularity took a downturn, particularly after men who wore them were considered gay and trashy. However, these shoes managed to make their comeback in a brand new avatar. The old disco shoes were replaced by more sober and sophisticated casual shoes, which when you look at from the outside, seem quite normal, but on the inside, they have an elevation, which gives the wearer extra height – 2.75 inches. The shoes are lightweight and they give your posture a boost. To individuals with one shorter leg, there are customized insert pads available. One thing you should note is that the elevation in the shoes doesn’t, in any way, interfere with your normal walking.

In conclusion, men’s platform shoes do give you a few extra inches in height, which may intern give your confidence a much-needed boost. So, if you are looking for a pair of shoes that would help you tower over your partner, then these are the shoes you need.



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