What size battery does michael kors watch use?

Michael Kors deals in women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, accessories, jewelry, footwear and fragrance. Their meticulously designed Women’s watches evoke effortless chic fashion. The watch line for Michael Kors are managed by Fossil Group, an International watch company who manufactures and markets the watches for them.
Michael Kors watches target the fashion forward female looking for extremely trendy and well-designed fashion watches. The watches are extremely popular in the USA and across Europe and are now also sold in many parts of Asia.

Michael kors battery

What size battery does michael kors watch use?
Michael kors’s watches are mostly made with Japan Miyota Quartz movement and different movements (three hand date, chronograph, multi-function) requires different type of battery. So there’s need to check the Michael kors battery specific model number before purchasing one. Although most times Michael Kors uses 395 and 371.

How to Maintain Your Michael Kors Watch

Keep Your Crown Pushed In/Down
Failure to keep your crown pushed down on your Michael Kors will allow water or dust into the interior of the watch affecting the movement of the watch and other internal damage.

Avoid High/Low Temperature
If your Michael Kors experiences rapid changes in temperature there could be internal damage to the watch and your Michael Kors is at risk of the movement being damaged. Exposing your watch to temperatures above 70 degrees will cause internal damage to the watch as well. Avoid leaving your Michael Kors near windows.

Bumps and Bruises
While the little knock on your Michael Kors might not affect the outside of the watch too much, the inside is very delicate and the movement inside your watch may be damaged. It is safest to take off your Michael Kors before most physical activities to keep the outside and inside from being damaged.

Water Damage
If your Michael Kors comes into contact with salt or chlorinated water you should immediately rinse it with clean tap water. Without doing so can result in corrosion and interior damage to the watch.

It is quite normal for wrist watches to stop functioning after some time. This does not in any mean that the wrist watch is to be disposed. A simple battery replacement will do the trick of getting your wrist watch working again. Banggood is an online store where you can buy battery for your Michael kors wrist watch.


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