[Wearing Tips] Go-Out at Night

After a whole day of hard works, we finally wait until night. It is really a great solace and comfort. Some people would choose to stay at home, spending wonderful times with their family, watching TV or having fun. Some people would go outside with friends to have a happy time. Some people would need to take part in ceremonious occasions, enjoying themselves by making more friends. Everyone would have their own understanding about life and how to spend. For themselves, what they do represents what they want in a way.

men clothing collocation

Generally speaking, men’s everyday dressing-up show you the business style gentlemen impression in most cases. As far as I’m concerned, that is somewhat similar with and related to casual style looks. As a matter of fact, it really is. Therefore, you don’t need to change about so much about your wearing when you go out at night.

men clothing collocation

Although night is dark, you still need to pay attentions to your personal appearance. I would like to show you some clothing collocations.

men clothing collocation men clothing collocation

In general, men’s daily working wearing can be divided into two styles. One is the formal business style and another is the casual formal style. The former one is suitable for you to wear in the day that you need to see your boss or have business meeting. On the contrary, casual business style is suitable for you to wear in occasions that are not so formal like that. That is to say, you should dress yourself up right in depending on the difference of occasions.

men clothing collocation men clothing collocation

When you need to have date or have dinner with your friends or go out at weekend, you can also more choices in addition to the casual business style dressing-up. Leather jackets, casual top hats, casual leather boots and more mens fashion clothing and accessories let you enjoy leisure times fully.

men clothing collocation men clothing collocation

men clothing collocation  men clothing collocation

men clothing collocation men clothing collocation

Photography by Alex Crawford
Styling by Dan Trepanier



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