Vans & Disney Collections in 2015 Spring/Summer

Vans Disney Collections

In recent days, fashion sports brand, Vans, has associated with Disney, launching series of cartoon printed fashion items in this spring and summer. As far as I’m concerned, I think that Vans is so smart to do so. First of all, cartoon printed pattern is really popular from last year and this fashion trend become more popular instead of fading away. Secondly, they have a good grasp that everyone has an innocent child living inside their deep heart. Therefore, associating with the most representative and classical cartoon Disney series is really wise. This time, fashion series that they launch is named ‘Young at Heart’.

Vans Disney Collections Vans Disney Collections Vans Disney Collections Vans Disney Collections

Making eternal international superstar printed on fashion clothes, shoes and bags is really cute and lovely. Cartoon characters with different expressions are looked even vivid and distinctive.

New fashion items in this time include sneakers, backpacks and clothes. With different printed classical cartoon characters including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Winnie the Pooh, they are suitable for men, women, children and different consumer groups to wear. To make advantage of the panorama of color, vivid and lively cartoon characters, all of these fashion wearing are definitely eye-catching and charming for you to wear, making you look even adorable.

Vans Disney Collections Vans Disney Collections Vans Disney Collections

Overall prints not only particularly comply with the energetic and vivid atmosphere of spring and summer, but also can arouse the purest and the most innocent memories in everyone’s bottom of heart. For young people in modern times, you also need to keep this innocence in your heart all the time.

Vans Disney CollectionsVans Disney CollectionsVans Disney Collections

In the future, maybe there are more classical cartoon characters added in. I just think that it really makes you have full expectations!

Vans Disney Collections Vans Disney CollectionsVans Disney Collections


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