Types of Man Shoulder Bags Every Man Should Have

Forgive the generation, but do you remember a time when your father usually complained about the number of bags your mother had, especially due to the amount of space they took in the wardrobe. Am guessing your dad had one battered duffle, which he used for almost everything. You know what though? Your mother wasn’t at all out of line. You need different bags, which are all used to grace different occasions and to carry different things. This same analogy is the one we use when we buy ourselves multiple accessories such as watches and sneakers. Having said that, let’s take a look at some men shoulder bags you need to have this season;



This is one of the once-sloppy afterthoughts that have become a coveted purchase in the last couple of years. It has a versatile design, which is why it is so popular. There are smart backpacks for your business-casual commuter, a training buddy for the gym kit, or a rugged companion for your weekend pursuits. All these backpacks are uniquely designed to accommodate whatever it is you are planning to do with it.

Tote bag

tote  bag

On the sliding scale of formality, the tote bag sits somewhere in the middle of a backpack and a briefcase. It has enough room to put your gym gear or hard drives but is sleek enough to make you get papped by a roving street style photographer. Its versatile and easy-access design makes the tote bag your ideal beach bag, shopping bag, and work bag all in one. Do you consider yourself a classy man, get this bag as it will complement your look really well.

Weekend bag

weekend bag

This is a perfect travel bag. When talking of this bag, it not only portrays you as a man of taste and leisure, but it also offers so much practicality when it comes to packing your stuff. It allows you to neatly pack all your travel essentials, which makes your trip feel easier and organized.

Gym bag

GYM bag

For those of us who work out regularly, I guess we can say that there is nothing that is as stressful as organizing and carrying your gym kits, such as the towel, trainers, and proteins from the workspace to free weights in a single piece. This bag helps you in all this. It accommodates your office gear and athletic clobber comfortably.

These are just some of the most common bags among men. Choose yours and run with it!


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