Trends in Men’s Shoes in 2018

2018 has arrived for good and it brought along a renewed air of fashion to women’s style, but it also brought interesting choices for men as well. In the men’s footwear market, the most important qualities that a pair of shoes should provide are comfort, confidence and effortless style. Therefore, continue reading and learn all about the three major trends in men’s shoes in 2018 so that you can find the ones that work best according to your taste.

high top leather shoes

According to 2018 fashion, the men’s shoes that will dominate the streets are the casual brogue shoes, the beloved Oxfords, and the always fashionable high-top leather shoes.All three different kinds of shoes match with different people and circumstances but every man needs a pair of each.

casual brogue shoes

For example, the brogue shoe is an old kind of shoe and its decorative perforations attest to that. However, old-fashioned means retro in our time and that’s why brogue shoes will never go out of fashion since they bring a 1940’s feeling to all gentlemen’s attire.

mens casual oxfords

On the other side, men casual oxfords are a simpler kind of the brogues. They have common origins but they plain without any embroidery on them. This aspect instantly turns them into an easier option for men. They can be made from leather (faux as well), suede and canvas. The different materials can work perfectly in diverse contexts from going to the office, joining a picnic or enjoying a drink in the evening.

mens casual oxfords

The last trend is the high top leather shoes which are a combination of formal shoes and comfy sneakers. Both previous shoes seem proper while high-top leather shoes appear to be a more adventurous alternative for men. They resemble low boots which make them more freestyle but also practically offer added support. You can wear them in the countryside and generally, they are a good choice if you want to leave the city behind you. Naturally, all three fashion trends come in a variety of colors with black, brown, dark blue and green leading the race in 2018.

high top leather shoes	All in all, the future still seems bright in men’s footwear. The discussed trends have been around for ages, but they always manage to reinvent themselves with different material, colors, and designs, adapting to each period quite tactfully. So, if you’re in search for the best shoes for you, browse through all the different shoe designs and you will find a pair of casual Oxfords, brogue or high-top leather shoes to fit your personality and everyday life.


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