Trends Of Men Hats In 2018

Men’s hats have come a long way since the early nineties and have evolved into what we currently see. The various shapes designs and sizes have also become diversified over the years from bulky hats to more stylish, modernized and fashionable designs. The various hats for men include baseball caps, the Fedora which was way more popular in the early nineties, the Brixton hooligan snap cap, the snapback and the porkpie. All these types of hats have over the years become more developed and custom made to suit the modern trends and fashion hatsThe most common current hat trend is the snapback. As seen in popular media culture, the snapback is the most trending type of hat this year. From movie celebrities to big-time Hollywood movie stars, the hat is popular with almost everyone in the world. In addition to being fashionable and casual, the hat’s price is cheap as one can get it anywhere in retail shops and departmental stores all over the country. The most popular snapbacks brands are mostly those that belong to baseball teams such as the Yankees.

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Consequently, another trend in men’s this year is the Fedora hat. The Fedora hat dates as far back as the early twentieth century as it was first seen being worn by Jews. Due to its sleek design and its light demeanor, the hat has been seen to be fashionably worn for both casual and official purposes. The Fedora hat is seen as complimentary attire, especially as seen by men in the recently done royal wedding in the United Kingdom.

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The pork pie is also another fashion trending hat for men this year. The hat has a narrow brim with a flat top which makes it stylish for outdoor activities and it also complements casual wear. The porkpie hat is similar in design with the fedora hat although much smaller inside. Celebrity singer and music producer Pharell Williams is popularly known to wear the porkpie alongside the Fedora hat.

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The Brixton hooligan snap cap is another trendy hat for men in 2018. It is made with woolen and polyester material which is good for keeping warm. The cap has been seen to be worn to complement semi-casual and official fashion trends.

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In conclusion, the trend in men’s hats this year has significantly made great strides as more men are becoming self-aware of the need to be fashionably dressed. Cheap hats have become a key component in men’s wear this year, ranging from the baseball snapbacks, the fedora hats, porkpie hat and the Brixton hooligan snap caps. These hats will continue to become more and more diverse as the year progresses. Men will continue to wear these hats as part of their attires, hence the creation of more and cheaper hats eventually.



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