Top 5 Autumn/Winter Menswear Trends

As the weather is getting colder, many of you may be worried about what to wear this autumn/winter. Take it easy. If you can get the trends, it is much easier to pull off your winter looks. I find that vintage and causal styles are trendy this autumn/winter. So let me introduce some mens fashion clothing to help you get through this autumn/winter based on the top 6 men fashion trends.

2015 AW menswear trends

70s vintage style is super trendy this year no matter it is menswear or women wear. Plus the wide silhouette is also very hot this ear. So the masculine shearing coats are the must-have pieces this winter. You can find them in Coach and Burberry’s 2015 AW fashion show. These mens collar coats make you look edgy this autumn/winter.

2015 AW menswear trends2015 AW menswear trends

Unlike other trends that were in and out in winter, check is always the classic element of autumn/winter. And its popularity seems to never reduce. This year designers are more attracted by check. Designers like Hackett and Dunhill designed the all-check outfits. Classic check pieces like formal check suits and pants or causal check shirts are officially in this year.

2015 AW menswear trends

The military trend this year combines the elements of classical military uniforms such as Alexander McQueen and Undercover. In addition to the military green, the lake green with blue color is the new trend this year. It is mysterious and edgy.

2015 AW menswear trends2015 AW menswear trends

Some of you may have reservations about roll-neck sweaters. Maybe they remind you of the sedate and mature heroes in the movies. Roll necks can prepare you for both casual and formal occasions. Denim pants, a roll-neck sweater and suede boots can be a perfect weekend look for you. You can pair it with suit pants, a wool coat or suit. It is also great for formal office looks.

2015 AW menswear trends2015 AW menswear trendsYou may be a little bit tired of the slogan sweatshirts. Why not wear graphic sweaters this winter? you can wear the funny and eye-catching Christmas graphic sweaters like Christopher Shannon’s or the trendy military green sweaters. The sweater trend this year is about bold patterns. So try to choose those novelty patterns to bring some fun to the season.
2015 AW menswear trends



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