Tips for Wearing Suspenders

Suspenders are far from a new invention. From the time of their inception nearly three centuries ago, they have been holding up the trousers of respectable men all around the globe. Today, despite being far from modern, they continue to be used and worn as classic twists on formal and business fashion. Here are our top tips for wearing suspenders.

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  1. Clips or Buttons?

Clip-on suspenders are more convenient, as you can easily attach them to any waistband, but they don’t look as polished or neat and can put a real damper on your overall style if you’re not careful. Meanwhile, button-on suspenders require that you attach flaps or interior buttons, which not all trousers have but you can easily sew-on. They are aesthetically pleasing, refined, and clean. Most men suspenders wearers swear by buttons instead of clips.

mens suspenders

  1. Out or In?

Suspenders were originally designed as undergarments, and in today’s world, they’re mostly meant to stay that way. While you can choose to wear suspenders out in the open as a fashion statement, do note that the most acceptable and so-called “correct” use of suspenders is for them to stay hidden behind a blazer or jacket.

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  1. Beltsand Belt Loops

Let’s get one thing out of the way – never wear suspenders with belts. Suspenders have one main function: to hold up your pants. Wearing a belt with them is just excessive. Belt loops are slightly more controversial. Many are of the opinion that suspenders should only be worn with trousers that use side tabs instead of loops. This creates a more polished and committed look. Of course, this isn’t a hardbound rule, and you can rock the suspender-loop combo if needed.

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  1. Width

There has been substantial debate regarding the proper width for a suspender strap, and opinions differ so sharply that it seems the choice is mainly up to you. However, the general understood “rule” is that thinner suspenders appear more casual and relaxed, while wider suspenders appear more formal and classy.

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  1. Fit

Most suspenders are adjustable, so you can easily scale the straps longer or shorter as needed for your comfort and appearance. When it comes to the fit of your trousers, though, it is advisable to wear suspenders with pants that are a tad bit loose in the waist and have some room. This is because suspenders are supposed to keep trousers up – if your pants fit, they become unneeded.

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Modern Suspenders are for Everyone!

While some consider them relics, fashion-forward gentlemen have adopted men’s suspenders into their wardrobe. They might not be the norm of today, but no one can deny their stylishness and appeal. As long as you follow this guide and keep our tips in mind, you’ll be a dapper, dashing, suspender-wearing gentleman in no time.


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