Tips for Choosing and Wearing Men Belt

A belt is an accessory that many men have continued to overlook but for the stylish and fashionable gentlemen, choosing the right belt is an important decision in their day to day living. A belt is meant to complement a man’s outfit be it smart casual, casual or formal dressing. The main question men are asking is how to get it right while choosing the best men’s belts. We are here to save you a headache. We have compiled the best guide on how to choose and wear the best men belt. Take a look.

best mens belts

Size Matters
It sounds vague and too obvious but knowing the size of a belt will help you achieve that gentle look that every man craves to possess. When choosing best men’s belts consider the length. They should not be too long or too short and you should ensure that several inches are left such that the remaining loop is taken care of. Always, have a size guide to help you choose the right size for your belt.

best mens belts

Texture & Material
Most men are accustomed to using leather belts. Leather belts are a perfect fit for formal dressing. However, when it comes to casual wear, allow versatility to define you. Have an open mind and at the same time mind about your style and fashion. Try incorporating suede belts, woven or even embossed belts.

best mens belts

Black Belts
The best men belts for a formal occasion are black as they give you a clean and serious look. It is not complicated or and does not draw so much attention. A black belt is a perfect match for your formal look. A black leather belt is the best
for the occasion but remember to keep simple but trendy.

best mens belts

Tans/Brown Belt
Tans belts are the best men’s belts for casual wear. It allows for flexibility when choosing your outfit. A woven or embossed Tan belt will add some style while harnessing a warm feeling during the winter. Keep it simple and let your confidence flow.

best mens belts

Keep off Cheap Belts
Cheap things don’t last a lifetime. Be cautious of those packages that sell two or three belts at a price of one. Also be keen on the belts that claim to be leather yet the price is incomparable. Cheap belts will give you a cheap look and it will be a waste of resources at the end of the day. Only the best men belts are worth your investment.

best mens belts

As stated earlier there is more to just holding your pants with a belt. Best men’s belts drives a statement to the world about who you are. Knowing how to choose and wear a belt should be in every man’s fabric.



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