The Most Sought-after Model in 2015, Lucky Blue Smith

Lucky Blue SmithToday, it is said that it the world of children who are born after 2000. It is not strange for you to see them be active in variety of fields. In the same of guaranteeing school schedules, there are some children strive for achieving their dreams, taking advantage of leisure times. It has already become very common worldwide.

Lucky Blue SmithLucky Blue Smith

Called as the most handsome male model, Luck Blue Smith is only a 16-year-old child. Yesterday, he has just spent his 17th birthday. Now, he is 189cm tall with blond hair and blue eyes. The positive and blue temperament he has inborn really make him look even charming and alluring. Therefore, he can gain diverse fashion brands’ favor such as Prada, YSL, American Apparel and so on in short times. In 2015 Paris Fashion Week, he is undoubtedly the most sought-after models. As the new type, he has catwalk shows for Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Robert Vavalli, Fendi and so on. It is really marvelous!

Thinking about it, who can perform in variety of fashion shows at the age of 16? I think that few people can do it indeed. Although he doesn’t have so many productions as other models, he bursts to be popular in one night. No matter where he go, there must be so many fans surrounded him.

Lucky Blue Smith

Just early in this year, he has attended in the shoots of H&M Love COACHELLA Lookbooks. Menswear he shown to us is equally eye-catching and adorable. Let’s just focus all of our attentions on this young handsome boy now! Are you charmed and mesmerized by him again? I really appreciate his appearance. In the same time, I expect that he can launch more good productions including perfect shoots, street snaps, catwalk performances and so on to us!

Lucky Blue Smith Lucky Blue Smith Lucky Blue Smith

Lucky Blue Smith Lucky Blue Smith Lucky Blue Smith


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