The Latest Trend for Men Wallets in 2018

Today, men love fashion as crazily as women do. They not only pay more attention to their clothing but also pursue a better fashion touch through accessorizing their look by using wristwatches, belts, and wallets. The wallet is the must-have accessory for men, for the reason that it is both functional and fashionable for men. Lifestyles keep on changing, which is the same case for the trends of men wallets. However, what is the latest trend for men wallets? In the following, we will reveal it to you.


The latest men leather wallets trend 2018

Bifold wallet

As the name suggests, this kind of wallet is easily folded in the middle. Although it has a classic design, it is still trendy in 2018. But for this kind wallet, I prefer a leather one because it looks high-end and it is easy for you to combine it with your clothing.

Travel wallet organizer

If you want to look more classic when traveling, try this wallet. With it, you can not only easily keep track of your passport among other valuable travel documents but also keep it into the pocket as it doesn’t take a lot of space. In addition, coming with a stylish design, it can still keep your look chic.  Therefore, it is also the must-have fashion piece for every fashion icon.


Coin Wallet

Coin wallet is one of the important bags for men. It is still trendy in 2018 because of its functionality. Can you imagine carrying coins in your pocket without keeping them in a wallet? The sound they produce as they hit one another may make you feel embarrassed. In 2018, more stylish designs are available in the coin wallet providedBullcaptain, which looks chicer than before.


Accordion wallet

We all like those wallets that would keep our information well protected. This wallet consumes less space in your bag and with it; all your valuable information will be safe. In addition, most of the accordion wallets are made of high-end leather fabric so it is also easily coordinated with your suit.


Having looked at the latest trend for men’s wallet 2018, I really hope that you will try any of them and enjoy your experience with it. More trendy men wallets are available on Banggood. Please go to the Banggood web to get you what you want.


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