The Biggest Trend of Burberry Prorsum 2016 Spring/Summer Menswear

Speaking of British fashion style, many of you may think of plaid, windbreakers or other classic elements. Many of them were inspired by the men skirts of Scottish highlands. They’ve been the combination of elegance and carefreeness. This year, Burberry Prorsum has injected something new to the British style. It cleverly combined the traditional elements with the new ones. This brand-new combination starts to become a fashion trend.

Burberry 2016

This season, Burberry went back to natural colors like brown, creamy-white, khaki, olive drab and so on. In the meantime, designers added lots of elements like lace, animal prints and pierced technique. Among them, my favorite is lace. I am surprised by how well designers used lace. It adds a little bit of softness but not too much. You don’t have to worry about being feminine. It is chic and youthful. A white fitted lace shirt pairs with a yellow tie and a classic khaki windbreaker. The outfit is full of British charm and makes you look stylish at them same time.

Burberry 2016Burberry 2016Burberry 2016

Mens winter coats like languid trench coat?is still a massive this season. Classic navy blue coats goes with a light-color suitcase. The accessory really adds more fashionable sense to the outfit.

Burberry 2016Burberry 2016Burberry 2016

Aside from the lace, suede tassel loafers are also one of the most attractive pieces on the runway show. The focal point of the lower part is simple fitted causal pants.

Burberry 2016Burberry 2016Burberry 2016

Natural colors are the main tone of this show. However, designers went bold when choosing the accessories. The styles of contrasting colors make the look more energetic and lively.

Burberry 2016Burberry 2016Burberry 2016

Burberry 2016Burberry 2016Burberry 2016Burberry 2016

Mens british style coat is another emphasis of Burberry’s show. You can find black pea coat, duffle coat, officer coat, leather biker and sporty mesh. These outwear can satisfy all kind of your needs from casual occasions to formal.

Burberry 2016Burberry 2016Burberry 2016


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