The Best Men Fashion Jackets that are Trendy Today

A good jacket is the one thing that defines a man’s sense of fashion. Coats come in handy especially in the winter season when we are all trying to keep warm. The right coat is simply an outfit in itself, it is a piece that combines practicality and style like nothing else in your wardrobe. Below are the best men fashion jackets every man must have,

Trench Coats

Trench Coats

The trench is so easy to style. It is the most inflexible of all outerwear options, as it can be dressed up or down effortlessly. Make sure it fits well at the shoulders and flows nicely with your body. Look for lightweight material, waterproof, and the length should finish at mid-thigh. You can wear it over your suit, or even dress it down with a check shirt, black jeans, and minimal white trainers and look amazing

Bomber Jacket

bomber jacket

It was originally intended for use by pilots in the US Air Force. It is meant to be worn during winter, and chilly breezes, and can prove to be a good layering slide-in. it works best with casual wash denim and white leather trainers for a failsafe easy look, or black with dark jeans and black boots for something a little smarter and sleek.

Long Coat

long coat

Long coats create a dramatic feel and often feature epic lapels. It’s a coat that needs the confidence to rock. You will have to style with caution. Plainer styles of tops and trousers will work best with the coat, but don’t feel like you have to go formal. Try one with a simple T-shirt and light-wash jeans for some less expected look.

Shearling Coat

shearling coat

Shearling coats were once likely to be lined with gold watches as they are pure sheepskin. As a costly fabric, it is easy to mold for designer brands, and surprisingly also the best-worn in winter. The coat is pretty easy to style. It has enough texture and bulk on the top-half to go classic elsewhere, so think classic trousers and some nice Seventies brogues to finish.

It is important to note that Style is, of course important, but not at the expense of comfort and health. There are no points in looking classy but shivering. The most important thing to look for in a men’s jacket is something to keep you warm and dry on those cold days.


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