The Best Handmade Shoe Brands

It’s essential for everyone to have a pair of elegant shoes, whether for particular events or to brag about to your colleagues at work or your friends. When it gets to purchasing formal shoes, nothing compares the quality and comfort of handmade shoes. A lot of men consider handmade shoes as expensive shoes. From the quality of leather used to the type of sole are some of the reasons that handmade fashion shoes are better as compared to regular shoes and are considered among the best fashion shoes.

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Some of these handmade shoe brands are:

1.John Lobb – John Lobb’s craftsmanship and his signature attention are well known from the 1860s. The company continues to manufacture its shoes and can be regarded as one of the best in the footwear sector. These ready-to-wear shoes are up to this time traditionally handmade with the majority manufactured in Northampton, Britain. There are many steps included in the production hence the impeccable results. The label’s recent contribution accepts more directional styles. For example, the canvas oxford shoe carries the firmness and fine feel of a leather shoe with a relaxed and easy feeling of a trainer.

fashion shoes

2.George Cleverley- The business was founded by George himself in 1958. Today, the brand continues to expand, dressing stylish and elegant individuals like the Stallones, Statham and many more as their clientele. The shoe is famous for its distinctive techniques and craftsmanship. In making a pair of shoe, four or five craftsmen are needed where each focuses on a different part of the process. Learning any part of the process can take up to five years. The company maintains the tradition of making the fashion shoes by hand and prefers to do the production locally, that’s in England. Some of the shoe styles are loafers, monk-straps, Derbies and the classic Oxfords.

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  1. Edward Green – Since 1890, the shoe has been made under the same principles. Crafted in Northampton with the keenness to detail, each pair displays its elegance of the English style.

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  1. Buttero – Since its debut in 1974, the Italian made shoe brand manufactures footwear from vegetable-tanned leathers. With proper care, they age nicely with wear. The shoe’s production formula is known for its honesty, attention to detail, elegance and local ingredients. An example is the Tanino boot handmade from soft leather, built to last for long.

fashion shoes

  1. Feit – Since 2005, the shoe production is famous for its environmental awareness and quality. They offer many types of styles like suede slip-on, desert boots and the sneaker trainer which is made from horsehide. The production is done by hand using natural materials.

fashion shoes

Choosing the right shoe for yourself depends on your preference and how comfortable you feel in it. Apart from style, choosing the best shoe also depends on the materials used and the construction technique. Handmade shoes are worth investing in.




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