Six Tips of Wearing Shoes Make You Look More Handsome and Cool

In every detail of men’s cloth wearing, there is no doubt that men’s shoes are one of the most important parts for men’s whole impression. According to a survey in the past time, it shows that the first sight of women on men starts from mens shoes. That is to say, different choice of shoes will leave different first impression on others. What kind of impression you want to leave?

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As a matter of fact, men don’t need to be serious about shoes wearing if you have mastered six tips below, you will surely wear out fashion looking and confidence.

Tips 1:

The color matching principle is effective and useful in whatever times, even though it seems to be an old and classic method for you. Expect for choosing shoes according to the colors of pants, it will be surely right for you to choose your shoes according to the colors of shoestrings.


To match socks depend on different and specific occasions. We know that colorful socks and socks with different pictures and patterns are particularly popular in these years. However, I would like to suggest you that you should not wear them in formal or business occasions. More than that, the best socks for men are these socks in dark colors to match with formal suits.

Tips 3:

If you are not sure about wearing patent leather shoes, don’t try them. If you are not going to attend a ceremonious occasion, or make a performance, these patent leather shoes would just make you look meretricious.

Tips 4:

You should have at least a pair of Oxford shoes and Derby shoes. Both of them are your all-matched and basic formal shoes. If your shoes are all black shoes, I suggest that you should not to wear these blue jeans.

Tips 5:

Don’t wear the same pair of shoes every day. You should try shoes with different styles to find out the most suitable one for you. More than that, shoes for everyday wearing will be worn out in short times no matter how good they are.

Tips 6:

To keep your feet clean all the time. If you wear sandals in summer, the cleanness will be of great significance which will decide people’s impression toward you.

mens shoes mens shoes mens shoes


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