Short-sleeved Shirt Wearing Guide

Shirt is one of the most important fashion element of summer man wardrobe especially the short sleeves shirt. To wear the short sleeves shirt can be able to make you fashionable throughout the whole summer. However, have you worn the short sleeves shirt fashionably? Now, look at here, you will get the answer. If not, just get it right now.

 1.Pay attention to the sleeves of your shirt

1. Pay attention to the sleeves of your shirt

The sleeves of your shirt shouldn’t be too loose and saggy because a short-sleeved shirt with long loose and saggy sleeves may look like your grandpa’s. Such a shirt can not be able to make you look fashionable. So when you choose a short-sleeved Mens Floral Printing Shirts, try to pay more attention to the shirt’s shoulder seam and to make sure it coincides with the edge of your shoulder. And its sleeves should not be too tight for you and the sleeves with enough space for your hand movement is better.

1.Pay attention to the sleeves of your shirt

2. Pay attention to the length of you shirt

A too long short-sleeved shirt may lower your height of your body so as to make you look shorter. So such a shirt is also not a fashion option for you. To be fashionable, you had better choose the short-sleeved shirt with right length and match it with army cargo pants . The length of your shirt reaching the midpoint between your waist and crotch is recommended.

2.Pay attention to the length of you shirt

3. Pay attention to the combination rules

Generally speaking, whether the short-sleeved shirt of yours is a solid-colored, demin or printing, you can easily combine it with a solid-colored causal trouser, cheap buckle jeans for men or shorts.

But one rule you should remember is dark color with light color and the printing one should avoid combining with camouflage pants. And try to avoid a printing shirt with many large pattern.

You can wear it as a coat and combine it with a tank top. Besides, you can also choose to keep the top two button open or not according the shirt you are wearing for your fashion requirement.

Short-sleeved Shirt


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