Secret Tips for Wearing Blue Jeans

mens worn out jeans

The fashion appearance and visual effect of wearing blue jeans can be seen and widely known. The unique materials and craftworks make every young person who loves fashion and beauty deeply allured by the magic charm. For the wearing effect of make you look slimmer and modify your body curves as well as upturned hips, mens worn out jeans have become the one of the essential pants in their wardrobes. However, you must have worried that some of jeans would fading colors when you wash at the first time. In the following, I would like to give you some secret tips to prevent jeans fading.

When you buy a new pair jeans, you can immersed them in the salt water with high concentration for a whole day, and wash them by hands instead of machine. In daily washing, you can roll the inside part out to have a clean and drying which can reduce the fading degree to the minimum.

mens worn out jeans       mens worn out jeans

Some people would fold in the laundry bag and wash them by cleanser essence. Maybe some people would be surprised to this method. However, this is indeed a good and effective way for you because the cleanser essence doesn’t contain bleacher that washing powers have. Except for the cleaning effect, they can also help you remove oil stains. More than that, you must find that new clothes that you buy have a new odor. You can soak them in the white vinegar which will soften the material of jeans and make it become more comfortable to wear. You will be surprised at the color fix function and prevent its fading. What else, I would like to remind you is that don’t wash blue jeans with too much frequent times. Generally speaking, washing them every half year or a year will be ok.

mens wash blue jeans mens wash blue jeans

If you have complied with the tips above, I deem that you will have a fashionable appearance and comfortable wearing with these mens wash blue jeans!


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