Ready to Rock With Beckham’s Men Newsboy Hat?

For those who were born around the 80’s, they might have recalled how David Beckham really inspired the world of soccer and fashion at the same time. His styles have been inspiring, even until now. It was started with the mohawk haircut to the nowadays men newsboy hat.

mens newsboy hat

Yes, who would have thought that this hat is now reaching its popularity, ever since David Beckham wore it several times on many occasions? Of course, we don’t need to doubt that he is wearing the ones from reputable designers. Fortunately, there are options for everyone with a different budget for this stylish newsboy caps.

mens newsboy hat

First thing first, let’s consider how men newsboy hat can fit men’s common outfits. There was a history of this hat, in which it was the most popular one among newspaper boys in the 80s. These days, newspaper boys prefer to wear hats with basketball or baseball team logos. Even in the 30s when the Great Depression was striking in the US, this hat was representing the lower-class boys. Don’t worry, this hat has been through a series of design modification that allows a very fashionable man to wear it, without feeling worried about its mix and match.

mens newsboy hat	Fabrics

Men newsboy hat is no longer made of wool. The most popular one is made of pure cotton, that ensures convenience, even during the summer. Other recommended fabric is linen, though it still applies cotton for its sweatband finishing. The cotton sweatband is very comfortable for users who spend most of their time outdoors. Both linen and cotton are similarly lightweight, for the sake of users’ convenience. Cotton denim hats also steal youth attention, thanks to its adjustable side pin.

mens newsboy hat	But, if Beckham-looks is what you aim for, then 8-panel tan cotton newsboy cap in dark blue is what you should purchase. The high-quality one is made of 100% light cotton, with double snap rim for the more flexible look.

mens newsboy hat


If you once denied wearing men newsboy hat, due to its conventional look, then you should spend more time in browsing around for its latest innovative style. Modern designs that fit with casual outfits is the big apple cap. Its maxi style really delivers both comfort and style all at once. The best color for casual big apple cap is white, khaki, light blue or light brown.


Another recommended design for casual performance is an 8-panel cap design for the more modern outlook that surpasses the popularity of the 7-panel style. This style is strongly famous for summer clothing mix and match. Choices are plain and floral print.


You only need four or five pairs of men newsboy hats to wear your whole wardrobe collection, whether you want to go formal or casual. Newsboy hats rock!



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