Principles of Mix and Match: Men’s Fashion Clothing

I reckon that you must have heard the exclusive words in fashion, mix and match. It refers to combine fashion wearing with different styles, different materials and different values together in order to meet personal wearing needs and satisfied style. In simple terms, mix and match is to wear fashion as you like!

mens fashion clothing mens fashion clothing

What is popular in modern times is the fashion that combines practical usages with fashion appearance together. To show decent and divine impression and wear out stratified feeling is of great the basic course for young people who want to be fashionable to wear. With the simplest mens dress shirts, you can also show your unique disposition.

mens fashion clothing mens fashion clothing

However, what is the new fashion popularity of mix and match style? It seems that stitching pattern, mix style and combination are not enough for you to explain this fashion style. The fashion mix and match style is becoming more and more popular whether or no.

mens fashion clothing mens fashion clothing

Even though it is said that this is the style that need your creative and original fashion ideas and can be matched with variety of styles and patterns, there are still some principles that you should comply with.

mens dress shirts mens dress shirts

First of all, you should confirm a tone and style of your wearing. That is to say, you wearing should have a main style, and you can use other styles to have decorations. You should make people know clearly which one you put the most focus on. Secondly, you should also pay attentions to colors, from clothes to accessories, shoes and bags and so on. More than that, the number of colors should be 3 or 4 kinds. In the same time, you should pay attentions to the transition and consistence between colors to show the delicate impression that reflected inadvertently.

mens dress shirts mens dress shirts

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