Paying More Attentions to Close-fit Shirts!

Casual round-collar shirts, as the must-have in your wardrobe, are best companion in our daily life for both men and women. No matter to be worn as underwear, or to be worn alone, they can certainly help you show the simplest but the most fashionable looking. In the following, I would like to show you something that you must know.

Slim Solid Color T-shirt
About Material

When choosing comfortable cotton T-shirts, you should pay attentions that they must be cotton shirts with good function of absorbing sweats and draining off water. They are particularly suitable for men who love sports and those who are more likely to sweat profusely. Styles of this kind of T-shirts are relatively refined and you should pay attention to the harmonious degree between them. The collar of these shirts can modify your impression. Particularly those have thin neck and long face. While for men who are relatively plump, to wear a longer decorative necklaces can make you look having thin faces.

Slim Solid Color T-shirt Slim Solid Color T-shirt Slim Solid Color T-shirt

About Selection

Shirts in colorful bright colors and unique printed pattern can make you look even attractive. Round-collar shirts may be more suitable for you to choose. Lifted shoulder tailoring can make your shoulder look even stronger. V neck wearing is more suitable for men who have thickened neck to wear. Striped printed shirts are the classical fashion wearing that will never be old-fashioned for you to wear. You will surely find the most suitable one for yourself to wear according to different sizes.

mens tops Slim Solid Color T-shirt Slim Solid Color T-shirt

About Colors

When you are choosing a t-shirt, you should pay attentions to two points. One is your skin color and another is your figure. Men who have white skin should choose warm colors which can make you look good, for example, yellow, orange, red. Blue and green can make you look even sunshine. You should avoid wearing shirts in gray, beige which make you look so sick.

mens tops mens tops mens tops

Colors are divided into two parts. One is expansive color and another is contraction colors. Red series like purplish red, erythrine and croci all belong to expansive colors. Gray series color can make you have contractive feeling such as earth tones, blue and so on. Men who have relatively plump figure can make them within your considerations that can make you look slimmer and thinner.

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