Novelty Clothes on Halloween

Halloween is an annual festival celebrated on November 1, from the ancient Celtic New Year’s Day, this time is also the time to worship the souls of the spirits to avoid interference, but also to worship the ancestral spirits and food to pray for peace through the winter, Is the traditional Western festivals. Children will put on the evening dress, wearing a mask, from door to door to collect candy. Mainly in the English-speaking world, such as the British Isles and North America, followed by Australia and New Zealand. Now, some young people in Asian countries also begin to celebrate the Western festival, to Halloween, some large foreign supermarkets will put a counter to sell Halloween toys, small traders will sell some Halloween-related dolls or models, to attract The young man’s vision.

Halloween costume

Halloween is a good time for children to have fun. In the eyes of children, it is a mysterious festival. As night fell, the children could not wait to put on the interesting red Halloween costumes, wear strange masks,also a pair of skeleton toe socks, put on a “pumpkin lights”, then ran out to play. Pumpkin lights look very cute, the practice is pumped hollowed out outside the smiling eyes and big mouth, and then plug in a candle in the pumpkin, lit it, people can see very far away in the naive place Smiling face.

Halloween costume

A group of kids dressed like ghosts, sometimes men dressed in pumpkin costumes, carrying a pumpkin light, ran to the neighbor ‘s house and shouted,’ Trick or treat ‘. If the adults do not candy, change them, those naughty children will be mischievous. They sometimes put people’s door handles painted soap. These little mischief often make adults ironic. Of course, most people are very happy to treat these innocent little guests. So the children of Halloween are always belly full of stuffed, pocket filled with full. Today, Halloween has become a grand festival in the west.

Halloween costume


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