All You Need this Winter is a Pair of Oxfords

It is cold in winter but you still need to look great. As a man, your shoe tells so much about you and having an Oxford on your feet will make you appear presentable and smart while still keeping you warm. Unlike other shoes that can only be worn on certain occasions, this is a great shoe that can be combined with different outfits for different looks. Whether it is an office look you want, or you are attending a casual event, men oxfords are the only shoes you need. You can easily combine this shoe with your daily wear. Here are a few suggestions.

men oxfords

Skinnies and a slim fit shirt for a casual look

Going out on the weekend? Take that dark-colored skinny jeans trouser you have and combine with a bright colored slim fit shirt. Wear dark colored socks and then your oxfords. To finish off the look throw on a leather jacket that has the same texture as the shoes. You will have a simple look that looks put together thanks to the men oxfords shoes.

mens oxfords

 3-piece suit for a highly polished official look

This look is for the executives who want to look exquisite. The suit needs to be clean and smart with the jacket matching the trouser. As for the color of the Oxfords to choose it depends on the color of the suit. A dark brown, grey or black suit is best complimented by a pair of brown oxfords. When you choose a brightly-colored suit, choose a tan oxford. The black oxford can be worn with neutral colors and tones. When you go for the official look with oxfords as your shoe of choice, ensure that your suit is accessorized well. A pocket square matching the shirt worn is a great choice. Do not forget a slim tie. To show off the oxfords, wear them with invisible socks.

men oxfords


Chinos and a T-shirt and a peacoat or a blazer

Yes, you can actually wear men oxfords with chinos! Try wearing red chinos with a white T-shirt and finish off with a black peacoat. With this look, you will look classy and stylish while still being able to keep warm and snug this cold season.

men oxfords

Men oxfords can be worn for both casual and official looks. When you know how to stylize them, these shoes can be all you need this winter. Just ensure that the trousers you wear are not too long to cover the shoe’s design.


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