Men’s Fashion Vintage 1970s Style

According the fashion collocations on 2015 runways for spring and summer, you have to know that vintage style comes back. Different clothing collocations and variety of fashion accessories can make you show diverse vintage style looks. Do you know what all they are? I have collection some important points for you based on fashion shows in this season.

1970s vintage style

First of all, I have to mention that superposed wearing is also popular this time. Matching floral printed coats with simple designed t-shirts such as shirts in solid colors or those with simple words prints is chic enough for you to show unique vintage style impression. As for pants, you can never miss a pair of flares or loose pants for the sake of vintage style looks.

1970s vintage style

Except for casual t-shirts, dress shirts are also the fashion items that you can’t miss. Floral printed dress shirts and those in pure colors including basic colors and multiple one can make you show the casual or formal looks as you want. You should pay more attentions on clothing collocations about that. Do you what is the main design that makes you show retro looks? Pointed collar is exactly the answer that brings you to experience the strong retro feeling in the old days.

1970s vintage style1970s vintage style

Unique vintage style can make you reveal wild and cool impression. I think that they really remind me of the rockers and luxuriant looks in the past time. It is really charming and alluring!

1970s vintage style

Additional accessories are also your essential, for example red sunglasses. To match them with casual clothes with printed patterns can certainly strengthen the visual effect of vintage looks. Undoubtedly, it is really sharp at that time.

1970s vintage style

As for ordinary people who want to show vintage looks in daily life, your dressing-up would surely not as exaggerated and luxurious as those in fashion shows. Relatively, your wearing is more similar to casual style. Fashion items such as floral printed shirts, loose pants, special-tailored jackets, blazers, hats, leather shoes and so on will surely do you a favor.

1970s vintage style


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