Men summer knee-length shorts

In the past, a fashion icon master said: elegant men should not wear shorts. But in the heat of summer, wear cool is a practical thing, people get rid of dull black, light-colored clothes in spring and summer is the mainstream trend. For the purposes of a mature man, wearing too fancy may not be a decent thing, but still necessary appropriate casual, light-colored pants is your wardrobe essential this summer, followed by immediate knee length fashion trends, and in the men match also takes into account the sound temperament, chic and dignified as one with you in this way to make light-colored pants for spring and summer there is a new comment. A knee-length shorts can also make you feel more cool.

Men knee-length shorts

According to the length, men shorts can be divided into three types: From crotch to the knee、below the knee. Customers who bought “Till crotch”, mostly are fashion men; support “to the knee”, mostly for the conservative man; like “to the knee down”, mostly ordinary men.

Men knee-length shorts

However, men in the purchase of shorts or due to style, or your own body, sometimes the length of casual shorts is not satisfied with the purchase. Today let me teach you the easiest shorts transformation method, according to demand, trousers rolled up to subtly alter long pants. This slim shorts suit with a loose shirt, it is best to put hem pants. This should not need to go out wearing shorts with a very handsome face, nor abdominal and mermaid line, nor tall, long legs, but dare to fashion passion.These are minor, it is important that you have a stylish stand being ridiculed heart.

Men knee-length shorts


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