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Shoes never lie

It is a widely accepted phenomenon that shoes can say a lot about a person, his traits and characteristics. The kind of shoes a person wears gives an insight to a stranger about his personality. There are different shoes for every occasion. Gone are the times when only women had a wide range of shoes to choose from. Now, men also have a wide selection of shoes available ranging from casual to occasional and fancy to sports shoes. Not only the look and quality of the shoes matter but their condition also provide a keen observer an idea about who the person is.

So now that you are well aware of the fact that shoes can have a lasting impact on your fist impressions and they can provide a cue to your career orientation as well. Let us sort out this issue for you and guide you about wearing the right shoes on right occasions to a leave strong impression everywhere you go.

Shoes with a contrast sole:

If you are wearing the shoes with a contrast sole; that implies that you have a quirky, outgoing and fun loving persona. The bright colors of the sole may be indicative of youthfulness and immaturity so never wear them to work or job interview. Instead opt for the sober options like the leather business shoes.

casual mesh shoes

Leather business shoes:

Made up of leather these business shoes are also known as dress shoes because they have to be worn with the casual button down cuff shirt and a dress pant. You can never wear these shoes with jeans or casual clothes. They are best to wear when going for work or business parties. These shoes give an impression that a person is down to earth, responsible and serious.

Leather business shoes

Casual mesh shoes:

These shoes are light, breathable, soft, comfortable and flexible; a perfect pair for light evening walk or some outdoor time with family. They are best to wear with jeans and casual tees when a person is free and relaxed. These shoes give off calm and laid back vibe about a person showing that they take things easy.

Casual mesh shoes

Knit fabric sneakers:

Knit fabric sneakers are comparatively new in the market. These are the perfect summer shoes. The fabric changes the look and feel of the shoes. You can easily swap them for a new version. These shoes are generally washable and light. The simple shape and a comfy sole make these shoes perfect for wearing to a class or to a light walk. They look fashionable when worn.

Knit fabric sneakers

According to a survey, people are most likely to trust a person who wears closed shoes and shoes that are appropriate according to the occasion. The people who wear flip flops, crocs, and sandals most of the times are less likely to be perceived positively by others.


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