Men Fashion in Cold Winter

A handsome man will choose thick coat match with tie in cold winter , plus a suitable scarf ,it looks better. Refer to men winter coat , now a lot of material, there are also common polyester fabric as well as leather, no matter what kind of men casual coat , styles and colors must be suited to men’s size and skin color, or the effect will be counterproductive.

men blazer

Men winter outfits, formally are the sweater with a white shirt, while on the outside with a black or navy blue cotton blazer , short paragraph or long section , both looks perfect. Generally sweaters have many colors, black and gray-based, it is recommended that some young men can choose the color a little bit bright. It does not matter, a young man can choose a wide style , such as yellow sweater with a white shirt is very nice.

men blazer

Boots is one of the important role of men in winter outfits, a nice moderate boots, coupled with leather gloves, a very handsome image appeared. The jacket and pants is also very easy, as long as the leg is not very rough, general pants are very nice, except for trousers; T-shirt and sweater or shirt may be a plus sweater, or a simple sweater also, plus a warm winter jacket , padded or very handsome.

men blazer

Scarf is a suitable accessory for men especially in the cold winter. Whether suit or shirt, casual or academic, also a little wild or knighthood style can match the scarf, and the material is also very rich, wool. Fashion men also wear boots, hats, gloves and other accessories to create your own style.


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