How should Men Choose the Most Suitable Sunglasses?

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Apart from the practical usages and wearing comfort degree of mens sunglasses which are one of the most important factors that we should consider, whether they can be matched with your face shape and personal temperament as well as your wearing styles is of great significance. In the following, I would like discuss how to choose a pair of suitable sunglasses from the aspect of fashion with you.

Generally speaking, there are several types of face of men. The first one is the square face which refers to faces with wide face and chin. People with this face type are suitable to wear sunglasses with thin frame and oblong style.

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The second one is the round face which refers to plump forehead and chin. This type is particularly suitable to wear thick frame and oblong pattern. You should avoid wearing the round one which will make your face look even fatter.

The third one is the egg shape face. This kind of face has relatively more choices, such as square pattern, ellipse pattern, and inverted triangle pattern and they have no requirements about the glasses frame.

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The fourth one is the long face type. People should avoid choosing eyeglasses patterns similar to the face shape. As for the invert triangle pattern sunglasses that are popular in this year, you should avoid making it at the top of cheeks.

More than that, you should choose your sunglasses according to your skin colors. People who are white can choose these transparent sunglasses or those in light colors. For people who have dark skin, I suggest that you should choose those in dark colors.

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In the hot summer time, sunglasses have become a daily necessity in both working places and leisure occasions. It is certain that they will be your best choice for protecting your eyes and showing you a cool impression. As for cloth wearing, I deem that designer polo shirts matched with sunglasses will surely be your best choice for mature business style and cool casual appearance in both working and leisure times!

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