Matching Suggestions of Men’s Sweater Vests

Winter is coming to the end very soon. Men’s woolen vests will be the last fashion wearing that you should take out in your winter wardrobe. Mens sweater vest has become the favorite wearing in mature men’s heart. To wear a woolen vest outside a piece of formal shirt, it can surely make your whole impression look even mature and masculine. However, you should pay attentions to the matching of that. Showing out the grandfather impression by wearing sweater vests will certainly be awkward that everyone doesn’t want to.

Mens Sweater vestMens Sweater vest

Mens Sweater vestMens Sweater vestMens Sweater vest

Then, the problem that how should men match with these sweater vests should be depend on different situations and different kinds of wearing. The matching of sweater vests and shirts has become the main character in this time. To see how fashionable and attractive looking they have shown to us.

Mens Sweater vest Mens Sweater vest

Mens Sweater vest Mens Sweater vest Mens Sweater vest

Grid sweater vests, as the most classical type, can easily show your mature temperament according to contrast colors bags, white shirts and black pants. When wearing grid vests, you should avoid fashion overlapping, for example, grid shirts can’t be matched with gird vest. That is the same as striped vests.

Mens Sweater vest Mens Sweater vest

Mens Sweater vest Mens Sweater vestMens Sweater vest

Red wine of sweater vests, as another classical color, can help you show the energetic and active preppy style. British style nobility impression can also be shown. Coats that you wear, showing out the preppy style, can be the fresh and attractive formal suit or knitted sweater. As for gentlemen impression, you need more high-class and fashionable accessories such as formal suits and trench coats.

Mens Sweater vest Mens Sweater vest Mens Sweater vest

Black vests, regarded as the most all-matched one in all sweaters, show you the classical and chic looking according to matching with white mens shirts. Denim shirts in light blue and black vest can show you different fashion looking.

Mens Sweater vest

In addition to that, you can also choose some bright colors and unique printed pattern such as orange and pop style prints. Matched with casual pants, it is certain that they can help you show the sporty, energetic and active temperament!

Mens Sweater vest Mens Sweater vest Mens Sweater vest Mens Sweater vest Mens Sweater vest


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