Man’s Style: Rules of Look Good in Leather Pants

Leather never seems to go out of fashion. Although it features in almost every wardrobe, gender notwithstanding, not everyone can pull it off. It gets even harder for men who have little choice between leather boots and jackets. Throw in a pair of leather pants and things get a bit more interesting. Even so, leather has always made it onto fashion runways all across the major cities. Celebrities trendsetters like 2 Chainz and Kanye West have no problem in pulling off the look but the general feeling is that when it comes to men leather pants can be difficult to wear in the right way. In this piece, we shall be focusing on some style cues to help you wear leather and look good.

mens leather pants

Wear them but don’t let the pants wear you

The polarizing leather pants might not be for everyone, but do get your size right when you wear them. It’s a fashion faux pas to wear anything too big for you. And it looks even worse when it’s leather. Find a nicely fitting pair and add a snapback and jacket to enhance the look.

mens leather pants

Pair your leather pants with a sweater

A V-neck sweater would look great with a pair of simple black men leather pants. It might not be the look for the club but it works surprisingly well for any daylight activity whether outdoors in indoors. To complete your look, put on dress shoes even though a pair of sneakers would still look good. It all depends on how you are feeling.

mens leather pants

Rockstar appeal

Leather can instantly make you look and feel like a star. That is one of the reasons why it remains in style. For the rock star look, you would need a pair of boots- any shade is okay just not too bright, and a wrist cuff to go with the ensemble. Stay away from gold accessories and stick to silver, which looks dazzling with black leather.

mens leather pants

Finally, know when to wear them

For men, leather pants are casual dress. They look stunning in the club and bold on a hot date but totally off in formal circles. Therefore, the office, a wedding, or any formal affair is an absolute no-no. When it comes to styling, it is also important that you don’t dress in too much leather. It is probably overkilling if you have more than one clothing item made of leather on. The most important thing to remember though is to wear your pants with confidence. Nothing brings the look together like confidence. For more men leather pants, please check here.


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