To Learn Italian Suit Style in Early Summer丨Film La grande Bellezza

Who can resist the great temptations of the absurdity and glitz of Roman? I wonder. Let’s watch the film, La grande Bellezza and learn about the matching of suit matching in summer time together!

In Roman, if you don’t catch up with the fashion steps, you will lose out within one week. Maybe the plot the film is not your style, however, the suit wearing of the main character, Jep have gained the unanimous approval from the public. The strong Roman atmosphere combined with Roman architecture and splendid percussion will make you love it!  On the whole, the wearing style of Jep is relaxed and humorous as well as decent which is filled with strong Italian summer impression. Then, what is your style?

Tips1: Multicolor formal suits matched with white single items

Floral Italians will not apply all colors in one clothes. If you want to make a playboy impression, I think that there is no more better choice than a fit suits in bright colors matched with other fashion white mens dress shirts just like Jep have done in the film.

In addition to that, the color of pocket square and shoes should be matched with the colors of suits. However, sometimes, you should consider the environment. For example, when Jep is sitting in the sofa in the stitching color of red and blue, a white square will be much better than the floral printed one.

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Tips2: Formal suits in light colors matched with dark color items

White suits matched with blue striped shirts and navy blue pocket square will show you a fresh and young appearance. I deem that it is a good wearing option in summer time.

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Tips3: Black suits in semi-formal occasions

It is certain and necessary for you to wear formal suits in parties and other ceremonious and solemn occasions. You should wear spread collar shirt with a wide necktie. The wearing way of pocket squares should be the horizontal pattern.

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