Jackets You Must Have in 2016 Spring!

bomber jackets

Although it only comes to half of 2015, the whole world is forecasting the latest fashion trend in 2016 Spring and Summer. In recent days, I have posted some articles about 2016 fashion trend and runway collections for you. Do you still remember? However, to some extent, you may feel confused and be entangled with the problem which one should you choose and which one is the most suitable one for you since you face up with so many choices. I believe that you must encounter this situation ever before. Therefore, I would like to show it according to another way. This time, fashion item recommendation will be my focus.

bomber jackets bomber jackets bomber jackets

As I have mentioned before, it seems that design of menswear becomes more and more similar to women’s on materials, prints and patterns. Here is the bomber jacket that you must have in the next spring. No matter worn by women or men, they can both help you show the chic and cool impressions.

bomber jacketsbomber jackets

Just in recent two years, baseball jackets become particularly popular. Those with words prints or striped patterns showing out the casual, chic and sporty looks gain favors from great majority of men and women. However, bomber jackets in the next spring have given you great changes on materials and prints.

bomber jackets bomber jackets bomber jackets

On the whole, they show us more luxurious and gorgeous impression. The special material that makes clothes looks smooth, glittery and eye-catching. More than that, the unique print such as flower and totem, regarded as the partial decorations, shows you somewhat ethnic feeling.

bomber jacketsbomber jackets bomber jackets

Therefore, I reckon that luxurious sports style will be one of the main popular trends in 2016 spring/summer fashion. Undoubtedly, they can absolutely give you extraordinarily different and brand-new impressions!


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