How to Wear Stripes to Maximize Your Attractiveness?

I am probably one of the biggest fans of men wearing stripes. Stripes are one of the timeless elements of mens fashion clothing. They are a great choice if you want to show your style but worry about being too bold. Whether you are going to have a business meeting or heading to a barbecue party, strips will make you look attractive if you can pull them off. There is some advice on wearing stripes to make you look better.

striped clothing

Vertical VS horizontal
It is a FAQ when picking stripes. Should you choose vertical or horizontal strips? Well. Though many people would suggest choosing the vertical, in my opinion, this depends on your body type. For shorter men, vertical stripes may be a better option because it will make you look taller visually. If you are thin, choose the horizontal strips so you’ll appear wider. A horizontal striped shirt is easier to pull off than the vertical in formal occasions. Keep in mind that this is just an advice. What type of stripes that suit you the best is your choice.

striped clothing

Go thin
After choosing the direction, now you need to take the weight of stripes into consideration. A rule of thumb is choosing the thin ones. Thin stripes will look more stylish whether they are vertical or horizontal. Personally I prefer stripes that are no wider than one inch in width. Thinner stripes are more suitable for formal occasions.

striped clothing

Avoid certain color combinations
I am not telling which color you should choose since this varies from your skin tone. However, there are certain color combinations you should avoid to look smart. Try to avoid colors that are opposite to one another. I am not saying you can’t wear these contrasting colors. If you want to stand out, go for it. But if you are looking for less garish clothing, try to avoid them.

striped clothing

Try other striped clothing
When it comes to stripes, we may think of striped shirts. Actually, you can go for many other options like pinstripe pants or striped T-shirts. If you are choosing pinstripe pants, keep your top plain. Too much stripes may create visual confusion.

striped clothing



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