How to Wear Socks?

An outfit could just be the perfect way when it comes to describing a man. Every man whether young or old has that desire to look good in an outfit he chooses for any occasion be it a wedding, birthday, party or even a sendoff ceremony. Matching colors, type of material of the cloth and the shoe type are some of the things that a man most considers in order to look great.Well, that could be great but what most men forget to consider is the pair of sock to wear. Men’s socks can actually bring out an elegant look if they are properly matched to the complete attire or dress code.

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Nobody wants to see your hairy legs especially when you attend some important meetings and therefore short men socks are a complete no if you want to bring out an elegant look. So, you can choose long stocks which are over the calf. For colors, navy, gray, wine, and other solid-color will be a good choice for you if you are wearing a suit with dress shoes. And the socks with patterns or spot design are also available for you. But you should remember to try to make the colors of your socks is brighter than your shoes.

mens socks

For a sporty look, short socks in light colors will elegantly match your sports outing. Both white and gray are preferred by sports lovers. But for those who hit the gym and still want to look elegant in men’s socks they are advised to put on thick socks that are cushy because they will keep your foot dry, making you feel comfortable and keeping your foot from stinging smell.

mens socks

Now, the ankle socks are very popular among men. This kind of socks is more suitable for a casual look. They are more matchable with loafers, men flats, and casual oxfords. Pick up straight pants with casual oxfords, exposing your ankle can make you look younger and more fashionable.

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When buying yourself a pair of men’s socks, try to find a pair that is soft preferably cotton material. This is because socks made of cotton are comfortable and they don’t easily make it to their elastic limit. Out of your fashion expectation, you can wear socks according to the occasion you are present at and your dress. Colors combinations are very important when you are choosing socks. I hope our tips will help you become fashionable and elegant men.



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