How to Go About Buying Genuine Leather Bags and Backpacks

Leather bags have always been a trend for many classy men and women. Getting the right leather get up is elegant, sophisticated and refined. This would definitely show people who you are as a person as well; someone with authority and class. Being able to match leathers on your outfit is one thing but choosing the right leather is a totally different story. You may have invested on a genuine leather crossbody bag but after almost a year, cracks start appearing and stitches get undone. Your genuine leather bag may not be as genuine after all. That said, you may want to check out these tips to prevent that from happening again.

Check the Type of Leather Used

There are actually many types of leather but the one you should be looking for is a bag that is made of full grain leather. It is the best quality you can find and the best “patina”. The “patina” is the result of using a material after months or years of use. While it makes other materials look old and weary, patinas on leather make attractive ones. The better the quality of leather, the better the patina. You can try other leathers but avoid buying bonded leathers. As it is aptly named, these leathers are just pieces of leather that were literally just bonded together.

 genuine leather shoulder bagThe Preparation: Tanning Processes

There are two ways leather can be prepared: chrome tanning and vegetable tanning. The former is what most of the leather items you see in the market are made of. If your newly-bought genuine leather shoulder bag is soft, it might be chrome tanned. The latter, vegetable tanning, takes twice as long than chrome tanning thus making their leather more durable and stiffer. Although after months of use, it can be as soft as chrome-tanned but nevertheless the quality is still better.

genuine leather shoulder bag Check the Hardware

If you bought a leather backpack with a lot of small pockets and designs, you better check their quality as well. Every detail counts. After all, your leathe backpack may look good from a distance, but what use is it if it disappoints when examined closely? It could contain buckles, handles, locks, metallic rings, shoulder straps, zippers, pockets, and etc so better make sure to check all of them  when you buy cheap backpacks.

backpack Conclusion

These are the 3 main criteria you may use when shopping for leather. Of course, you can use general criteria such as the brand and where it is made. Better brands would usually translate to better leather bags. If you buy online, make sure to check its specifications and see if it fits the standards. Make sure to look at the bag as if you were actually holding it and inspect every detail.


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