How to Get Vintage Looks for the Tweed Run

The Tweed Run

If you saw people wear vintage British clothing and ride a vintage bicycle pass you, don’t be surprised. They were probably participating in the Tweed Run. The Tweed Run, originated from London 2009 is a great party held by a bunch of people who wanted to salute those golden times. It is now widely spread all over the world. Every year, people gather together and ride their vintage bicycle with classic clothing like tweed, tie and beret.

The Tweed RunThe Tweed RunThis activity can be first dated back to 1990s. There was a riding club which theme was vintage British attire. Until 2009, a network riding forum launched the first official Tweed Run. The Tweed Run literally means riding a bicycle when wearing tweed. Tweed that gained its popularity since 1960 is a classic element of British attire. People love wearing windproof tweed outwear when riding a bicycle. Mens pants you wear that day are very important, too. Tweed capri-pants would be fine.

The Tweed RunThe Tweed Run

The Tweed Run

Aside from the iconic tweed outwear, berets are another classic pieces of the Tweed Run. The vintage-style cap adds more stylishness to the ensemble. They go well with other accessories. Regardless of the fabric you choose, berets can perfectly match the outfit. For example, this men leather cap comes in different colors and can be shaped in various ways. Crown and coffee are classic style for Tweed Run while other colors can bring a little difference and surprise to the vintage look.

The Tweed Run

The Tweed Run

Of course Oxford shoes, loafers or Brogues are symbolic accessories for the look. You can team them with printed stockings. To make it a little bit more vintage, wear tortoise shell glasses to straight up the style. If you want more casual, wear a neckerchief. Make sure to keep the neckline neat and don’t unbutton your shirt.

The Tweed RunThe Tweed RunThe Tweed Run

Have you got the vintage look? Get yourself ready for the spring Tweed Run next year.

The Tweed Run

The Tweed Run



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