How to Combine a Men Stand Collar Jacket?

Jackets are an essential element in every man’s wardrobe, adding the right jacket to an outfit can be the perfect missing layer, but if you do it the wrong way, you might end up looking like a mess. Right now we will focus on combing the classical stand collar jacket. Do you have one at home? Put it on and let’s play!

stand collar jacketThe first thing we are going to do is to be ourselves, so if you came here wanting to look like Michael Fassbender, forget about it. We don’t have to be born again to look good, we just have to accept our own body shape and rock out our unique style. You will find out that is a lot more attractive than imitation.

Men Zipper BootsThe stand collar jacket has a lot of charm, wear them with a pair of Fur Lined Boots, some shades, and the rest just comes along. All you have to do is to imagine you are a movie character and that is the key piece you are going to wear, like Ryan Gosling’s bomber jacket in Drive or Tom’s Cruise’s leather jacket in Top Gun. No one forgets about those jackets, especially because the characters were very… them and they wore those jackets with confidence! So the key here is to feel unique.

stand collar jacketIn order to do that think of these three elements every time you want to make an outfit with your stand collar jacket: style, color, and shape.

Let’s start by style, every single man has his very unique style, as I said before we are like a movie character, we can be recognized from far because of these little details we add every day to our looks, so when you are trying to combine a stand collar jacket don’t lose your uniqueness, stay loyal to your style in a fashionable way. If you have a cowboy style use some long cowboy boots and a plaid shirt, if your style is more rock and roll don’t forget to wear your aviator shades, a white tee might also work with some Zipper Boots, if you are more like a business guy a good unicolor shirt, a tie and some oxfords will look great. Don’t be attached to any trend, be creative, and the most important thing, feel comfortable with what you are choosing.

Fur Lined BootsNow color, if your jacket is black you have a world of possibilities, but when is blue or orange, options get a little reduces, right? Actually no, you have many possibilities too, you just have to dare to make some “crazy” combinations and trust me, as long as you feel good and it matches with your natural colors (skin, teeth, hair, and eyes) you will rock that jacket.

Please leave a comment if you found this useful, did you try new outfits? Did you feel like the main character your movie?


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