Flat cap: Fashion Tips

Given its simplicity and practicality, it’s small wonder that the flat cap has almost global appeal. But then, while Peaky Blinders may have energised interest in it and its six or eight-panelled cousin the ‘baker boy’ style, the flat cap has been around since the 14th century.

Driving hat

What is a flat cap?
flat cap is a rounded cap with soft fabric construction and a short, rounded front brim. There are two construction variations, both of which can be called a flat cap. The first has a level, trim silhouette owing to the single-piece flat construction of the top of the hat. The body of the cap is pulled forward over the brim, and it is either sewed or snapped to the top edge of the brim to create a triangular side profile.

Types of Flat cap styles

Driving hat
A very popular hat today worn by women and men, these flat caps have a stiff hat band and a full crown. Extremely stylish and popular in Paris, a driving hat can enhance any outfit.
Irish flat cap
The Irish Flat Cap is one of the more popular flat caps! It is usually plaid, tweed or a similar pattern and can really make you look sharp.
The Ivy cap
The Ivy Cap is sewn from the back forward, but similar to other flat caps. It really has a nice style with a more English or Irish bend to it. Also called the “scally” cap.
Big Apple hat
The Big Apple Hat is very similar to the newsboy cap. It is an 8-panel flat cap with a much larger and wider brim, and a button accent.

Fashion Tips for wearing a flat cap

1. Choose The Right Season
The most appropriate season to wear a flat cap is in the fall. In the summer, if you choose to wear a flat cap, it would be too hot for you. Also, most of the flat caps come with dark patterned colors, which might not be suitable and compatible with other pieces of your clothing. Imagine how odd it would be if you decide to wear it with a colorful t-shirt and a pair of sandals.

Winter is not a good season to wear a flat cap as well. The flat cap merely covers your head and it is not enough to keep your head warm.
Therefore, the best season to wear a flat cap would be in the spring and fall. It is the time when the weather is not really cold. Also your clothes that you wear in the spring and fall go better with the flat cap.
2. Choose The Right Material
There are two main types of materials that you normally see a flat cap including tweed and felt. Tweed flat cap is more suitable for casual wear and felt is better for smart outlook.
So make sure you choose the material to have the best look and impression that you are aiming for.
3. Select the right size
When wearing a flat cap, you should always choose a hat that fits your head nicely and perfectly. Don’t wear it when it is too small on your head. Also avoid wearing a floppy flat cap as well. Make sure that it feels just like a fitted cap with some extra small amount of fabric on top. A too big flat cap would have that fabric falling down on one size or touching the ears.
When you wear a flat cap which is too small or too big, not only does it make you feel uncomfortable, it also looks like you wear a hat you borrow from someone else. Also too big of a flat cap would create a mushroom effect that I am sure that you would never want it like that.
4. Wear It With Your Casual Clothes
A flat cap would go well with the clothes you put on in the spring and fall. You would see many celebrities wearing a flat cap along with their favorite hoodies and sweatpants.
It is worth mentioning that with such a look, a flat cap is for casual style only. And you should wear it for casual event as well. If you need a hat to cover your bad hair when you go out, or a hat to go shopping with your friends, you can put on this flat cap.
You can also even wear this type of hat with your smart clothes to form a casual smart look. One recommendation is to wear this hat with a suit and a pair of black shoes.

Finally, there are two things to avoid when wearing a flat cap, these are wearing it to formal events and wearing it bbackwards. To purchase a quality and attractive flat cap visit Banggood.com


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