Five Popular Men Underwear Brands

To boost a man’s self-confidence, nothing beats  “good” underwear. However, the sad thing is that not all underwear brands resonate well with the global audience. Some undies are more popular than others, due to their superior quality or design. Inner wears have for long been used by men as part of their dress code to support or conceal the male private parts. To ensure that you purchase the finest clothing, we have compiled a list of the most popular men sexy underwear brands.

mens sexy underwear

1. Calvin Klein

CK is probably the most popular men’s innerwear brand in the world. The product was launched in the 1980’s and quickly gained prominence due to its high-quality fabrics, unique design, and exceptional fit. Its iconic design consisting of sleek lines has revolutionized the way men purchase their undies.

mens sexy underwear

2. Diesel

The brand is mainly popular among teens. The colorful design has a smooth finish and is manufactured from stretch-jersey cotton. This underwear has a fun, and teen edge on its line that will set your mood on a rainy day – even when no one notices your high-end “accessory.” The brand uses a variety of materials, including metal studs and sewn-on patches.

mens sexy underwear

3. Hugo Boss

The brand employs high-quality cotton to manufacture its line – this ensures they are underwear provide a gentle lift and comfortable fit. The German luxury brand sells a variety of high-end trunks, boxer briefs, and briefs. One unique feature of the brand is its sophisticated and sleek look.

mens sexy underwear

4. Polo Ralph Lauren

The Polo Ralph Lauren is one of the men’s sexy underwear oldest brands. For over 50 years, the brand has produced unique high-end designs which suit the market. Their unique line consists of trunks with a logo, boxer briefs and classic mid- and low-rise briefs. In most cases, the underwear come their signature red and navy blue color, white in grey and the usual black.

mens sexy underwear

5. Emporio Armani

The brand is synonymous with high end and sex-appeal products. The has been endorsed by prominent world stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7). Their luxury underwear are manufactured from microfibre, modal or Pima cotton. The brand is mainly known for their colorful seasonal prints and classic line of boxers, thongs, trunks, and briefs.

mens sexy underwear

In recent years, these men underwear brands are employing a new technology which allows the underwear to absorb moisture during the hot seasons and provide additional warmth in the cold seasons. For more men sexy underwear, please click here.


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