Fashion Repost: H&M Advertising Campaign for 2015 Summer

To know the latest fashion trend, following the newest information updated is one of the best ways for you to have a throughout understanding. In addition to that, the issuance of fashion shoots and collections that various famous fashion brands are also good for you to look at.

H&M Advertising Campaign

Casual brands is one of the most ordinary and popular brand that have the closest relationship between people’s daily life. Therefore, as far as I’m concerned, compared with those formal attires that only used to be worn in ceremonious occasions, casual style clothes, having common ordinariness can give you more suggestive advices.

H&M Advertising Campaign

H&M, as one of the most popular casual brand, ranks really high in the fashion brand lists. Especially in recent years, it develops so rapidly.

H&M Advertising Campaign

From its advertisement this year, I know that the main wearing for men in this summer are still these men’s shorts. And I suggest that the fashion trend of men’s shorts in this year can be mainly divided into two styles. One is elegant gentlemen and professional businessmen impression, and another is the comfortable casual style. To get the first fashion impression, chino shorts in pure colors are certainly your best choices. As for the second one, I suggest that cargo shorts will be more acceptable to you. Cargo shorts in various pure colors and camouflage prints are certainly your essential in this summer.

H&M Advertising Campaign

Apart from diverse styles that shorts can show, different prints can make you look even fashionable and passionate, filled with youth vigor. You can certainly try on whatever stylish shorts wearing as you want. And it is time to make you have extraordinarily different summer!

H&M Advertising Campaign



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