Fashion Repost: Dr. Martens Originals: To Show Tributes to Classic Fashion

Dr. Martens, whose life filled with legendary colors, was born in 1960 in England. He is so famous that everyone in the UK recognizes him very much. Even some people pay attentions to him and become his firm advocators when they are still student.

Dr. Martens

The first design of Dr. Martens is the 1460 type of eight-hole pattern. This classic pattern is exclusively design for the policemen of Docklands. This pair of shoes paying more attentions to the practical wearing and design especially the yellow tailoring lines and unique printed patterns have gained a large popularity among people when it comes out. There is no doubt that Dr. Martens Originals have become the fashion culture symbolization in different ages. After that, they have constantly launched three-hole, six-hole, 10-hole, 14-hold and 20-hole classic patterns. As for colors, they surely offer you variety of choices. The classic fashion still continues its heats and popularity in 2014.

Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens Originals Spirit of 69, the inspiraions of this series of shoes originated from the design concept of shaven hairstyle. Between 1968 and 1970, there is a movement have great impact. Young people are attracted by the Ska Music that was transmission by Jamaica immigration. The unique personality of shaven haired people is the perfect performance of rakish temperament. This is the real multi-cultural youth movement in England for the first time. The most classic matching is big boots, blue jeans and simple shirts. Since shoes of Dr. Marten are far more comfortable than these high top boots, therefore, they would feel very proud if they have a pair of Dr. Martens. However, Spirit of 69 also represents the spirits of certain times and era and they still have great influence on people’s music styles and living ways! For people who pursue fashion, I strongly recommend such a good pair boots for you! I am certain that you will become the fashion street style master indeed!

Dr. MartensDr. MartensDr. Martens


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