Fashion Repost: California Male Model Shoots for SSAW丨2014 Spring and Summer Series

California Suite

I deem that people can’t be even more familiar with these fashion shoots that photographed by these sexy super models. In this article, I would like to bring the fashion shoots of 2014 spring and summer series in SSAW, with the theme of California Suite. The main character in the fashion shoots are four young male models, Jamie Wise, Dallas Haupt, Lucky Blue and Sage. They have all appeared with half-naked bodies. To wear a pair of casual shorts, lying quietly in the sofa or in the bed, with two hands putting aside naturally, they have shown a huge attraction to you. This series of fashion shoots are photographed by the photographer, Paul Jasmin and their fashion wearing and chic impression are all mastered by the image designer, Trevor Stones.

California Suite California Suite California Suite California Suite California Suite

Comments: They have shown you an ease and comfortable impression which is a cool wind injecting into your hot summer time. As far as I’m concerned, as a man, the sexiest and the most attractive impression are showing out their strong figure and good body proportion. There is no doubt that this seductive and masculine temperament will be the most featured and the most attractive individual glam.

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You can also show the same impression as them if you want. Going to gymnasium and doing exercises regularly can help you achieve this appearance. It is just a problem of time. There are lots of advantages for you to keep in good figure. No matter what kind of wearing you wear, you will show the chic and charming appearance all the time. More than that, you can change your styles easily. You will be more confident about yourself if you are not a so confident person actually. I am sure that it will help you attract more appreciated eyes. The most important thing is that you will lead and enjoy a much wonderful and high-quality life!



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