Fashion Repost: The Annual European and American Sexiest Male Stars in 2014

Recently, the European and American fashion website, People, has discussed and elected the name list of the sexiest male stars of 2014. Just to see who they are right now and who is your favorite!

Chris Hemsworth, Australian actor, is 191 cm tall. Cool and handsome guy always has the charming postures like Koala. Strong pectorals show you a reliable and dependent feeling that women particularly favor.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Pratt, wearing white T-shirt and blue denim jeans, give you a fresh and cool American men’s impression, low-key, clean and neat without any gorgeous and aggressive attitude. The easy-going impression makes him easy to approach.

Chris Pratt

Jamie Dornan with depraved burns, blue cotton shirt matched with woolen formal suit coat, can arouse your desire to take care of him indeed.

Jamie Dornan

Blake Shelton, white cotton shirt and blue vest as well as blue denim jeans, the ordinary appearance of American men, makes him be more acceptable by the public according to being close to the essence of life.

Blake Shelton

Bradley Cooper, wearing black and white gird printed shirt and showing you a little sternal seta, makes you be totally relaxed. Even though they are super stars, they still need to come back to the ordinary life.

Bradley Cooper

Matthew Bomer, wearing formal suits in coffee, shows you the mature and introverted impression and makes you feel at ease.

Matthew Bomer

Michael Strahan having strong arms can surely make all girls and women mesmerized and addicted. He can give you extraordinarily powerful and safe feeling.

Michael Strahan

Eddie Redmayne, wearing blue and red grid shirts matched with blue leather jackets and blue denim jeans, shows you the casual looking.

Eddie Redmayne


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