[Fashion Repost] 2016 Spring/Summer Menswear Trend Colloections

Not a long time ago, London Menswear Fashion Week has started. Undoubtedly, variety of fashion brands including the classical one and the new-born one, are destined to show you great visual feast and enjoyment. Then, what actually happened in the fashion show and what deserve your attentions in this time? I am willing to show you in the next.

menswear fashion show

To begin with, orange color is unique for me to see so that it gives me a great impact at the first sight. As we all know, for both men and women, orange is regarded as the color that is not easy to match with. Therefore, we don’t see people wear in orange in our daily life. However, it has achieved in this menswear fashion shows. Clothes in light orange show you the vivid and energetic impression. Matching with blue wearing in different color tone surprisingly shows you the casual, refreshing and chic looks.

menswear fashion show

Fashion wearing with complicated pattern prints gives you dazzling impression as well in this time. What is different is that they look even more unique and mysterious. It seems that you can never figure out how it forms and what it means. It just has the magic power that makes you want to have a try on that.

menswear fashion show

The combination of vintage style and modern fashion element, casual flares and candy colors really looks creative and unique. As far as I’m concerned, it is one of the most original and special designs that attract my attentions. I just love these designs and looks so much.

menswear fashion show

Casual sporty style that is shown according to wearing loose and long clothes is also the focus in the show time. Depending on different fashion items that you choose, various stylish casual looks can be shown according to diverse casual clothes and collocations. It makes you wear the right clothes to show chic and decent looks in different occasions. You can get more inspirations from that!

menswear fashion show menswear fashion show menswear fashion show menswear fashion show menswear fashion show

New formal suits collocation that makes you show gentlemen impression can also make your eyes glitter. In addition to that, mix and match of formal suits and sneakers are still popular for you to wear in this time.

menswear fashion show menswear fashion show


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