Fashion Harajuku Style Snaps: Mix Wearing of Casual Hoodies and Formal Suits

What have left an impressive image on your mind is not only the profound cultures and unique fashion when people are talking about Japan or Japanese style. Both their cultures, living ways and fashion wearing have a great impact on people’s life worldwide. If you ask me what kind of impressions that Japanese young people have left on me, I regard that they are the incarnation of the latest fashion.

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On the whole, different from other kinds of fashion wearing, their dressing-up are so distinctive and unique so that they can be recognized and be outstanding in the crowd at once. However, exaggerated, colorful and baroque stylish wearing doesn’t show you the awkward impression at all. Instead, what it has shown to you is the really awesome looking. Harajuku style is such an amazing one that helps you persist in your own unique individuality and temperament.

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Some people may think that women would care more about their personal impression than men. However, that’s not the fact. You can see lots of fashion men impressions in the street. This handsome man who is 24 years old has shown us the amazing and eye-catching Harajuku style impression by creative and audacious mix style.

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Mens Slim fit hoodiesMens Slim fit hoodies

A piece of solid color mens hoodies with simple and neat style and pattern, a set of formal suits in wine red highlight his white and smooth skin, a knitted hat in the same wine red color showing you the harmonious and concordant impression and a pair of black frame sunglasses. You can’t even imagine how fashionable and charming it will be!

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I suggest that you can also have a try on this unique fashion style. According your favorite and temperament, mens slim fit hoodies or other kinds of hoodies can surely make you become the absolute fashion and eye-catching focus in the crowd.


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