Fashion Codes of Double Breasted Coat

Maybe you find that wearing, focusing on these simple and causal styles makes you so tired and the worst thing is that you haven’t found the one that you are interested in yet till now. However, in this year, double breasted coat will give you a certain feeling that it is exactly the one that you want!

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The most suitable pattern

For men, the most suitable wearing with practical wearing are these coats in dark colors. No matter long or short, they can all satisfy your different needs. However, people’s requirements to these coats become much strict, including patterns, lengths and every detailed design. I suggest that coats in camel colors will be your good choice!

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Double Breasted coatDouble Breasted coat

Styles and Details are more important

Simple and neat style is your best choice undoubtedly. More than that, the design of buttons is also of equally significance. From my point of view, I think that a row of three buttons will be the most perfect.

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Double Breasted coat Double Breasted coat

How to match with them

Maybe you haven’t noticed that blue shirts, blue formal suits, blue denim jeans and so on seems to be the perfect companion for these camel coats. In the office, the best way for you to match with them is surely white shirts. You can also wear some decorations on the collar or sleeves or just wear a piece of unique printed shirts. According to that, elegant gentlemen impression will be shown at once. As for pants, black, white and gray are the safest color for you to go with and brown handbag is undoubtedly your best choice. If you want to show some unique impression, it can give you a fantastic and wonderful feeling, fashion and chic by matching with orange color. In addition to that, wine red is also a good option for you. It can make you look more dignified but not lack in vivid and energetic temperament which is particularly suitable for you to wear in professional business occasions.

Double Breasted coat Double Breasted coat Double Breasted coat

Double Breasted coat  Double Breasted coat

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