Fashion and Funny Post丨New York Pet Dog Wearing Men’s Fashion Becomes Popular Star

In recent times, a set of creative and original photos of a dog comes from New York wearing men’s clothes have aroused a fashion popularity among people on Internet in recent times. For a time, it gains favors from majority of people. Its photos are even published on the fashion GQ magazine and it has gained fans over 140,000 on Instagram.

Bodhi Bodhi Bodhi

This dog that is 4 years old called Bodhi. On one Saturday afternoon, its mater, Yena Kim who is 27 years old, and Dave Fung who is 29 years old decide to dress it up in order to filling their times. They dress it with the latest fashion men’s clothes and take photos to upload on Facebook. What they have not expected before is that this series of photos have gained people’s widely favors. Just because of this, Yena Kim and Dave Fung decide to open Tumblr page for it in order to record Bodhi’s fashion everyday life exclusively.

Bodhi Bodhi Bodhi

Until now, Bodhi has gained high popularity on Internet and it even signs cooperation agreements with variety of famous brands, such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Coach, Todd Snyder and ASOS. It is said that the master of Bodhi, Yena Kim was the fashion stylist of well-known brands, Ralph Lauren and Dave Fung is a creative art designer. Fashion tastes that they have set a firm and solid foundation for Bodhi fashion impression. After Bodhi has become popular on Internet, they decide to quit their job and dedicated to create Bodhi’s fashion looking. In the future, they will launch series of Bodhi series male pet’s clothes. It is reported that a part of income will be subsidized to an animal rescue center for one month.

Bodhi Bodhi


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